Paula Andrade

artist and author

During 2018, I had Leo in my solar return. I have taken it as a bit of a tradition to delve into the archetype in my solar return each year, as a game of self-development.

Leo was a kind one. Learnt what I brought to the game, and how much that was worth. I learnt to value myself, not just take myself, and what I do, seriously, but actually value it and see it as it is, defending it as it is. It was a year of being a lot on the spotlight. I went to a lot of conventions, organized a huge amount of book presentations and events, to the point I had no free weekends for the whole year.

I think it was a year of proving myself what I was capable of. I like proof, about everything. And last year, I gave myself proof of what I could do. So thank you, Leo. We’ll see how 2019’s Gemini works out <3

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