Paula Andrade loves and draws inspiration from all things that tell a tale. For this reason, to put that inspiration into practice, she has two weapons of choice: drawing and writing. Very often, she uses both of them together, in the form of visual storytelling. In other words, comics.

To nourish her craft she has travelled to Finland, to develop what she defines a mixture between Argentinian resourcefulness and Finnish sisu, an approach she applies to her own publishing house, Gutter Glitter, which has become associated with great stories, great presentation, and a work ethic based on integrity and the DIY philosophy.

She has held art shows and presentations in Argentina, The Netherlands and Finland, and her work was chosen by Frank Miller himself to be featured in Xerxes #1. She has also been nominated twice for Best Comic Book Creator at the Trillo Awards, for both Oveja Negra (2017) and Cría Cuervos (2018).

Currently based in Buenos Aires, she travels (quite a lot) to give workshops and share her love for books and publishing with those interested in developing their skills.


Contact information: paulaconstanza.andrade@gmail.com 

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