Paula Andrade
Pleased to meet you! I am a comic book author, writer and illustrator that loves to cast a little bit of magic in all the projects I work in. 
In general, my approach to work and life is passionate, driven and with a willingness to always push my skills further. Intellectual and artistic challenges? Count me in!
I also enjoy giving workshops, and generally just spreading the joy of telling stories and creating new worlds as a way of self-expression everywhere I go.
My favourite themes are dark and urban fantasy, gothic and poetic horror, mythology and folklore, space opera. Generally speaking, just the right mix between sensual and mentally stimulating. 
In the wise words of a dear friend, I stand at the spot "where philosophy meets pulp".

On my spare time, I handle Gutter Glitter, a Buenos Aires-based small press publishing house, and go on adventures with my dog.

Clients and collaborations:

Dark Horse
Dynamite Comics
Wild River Comics
Clip Studio Paint
Revista Fierro
Webcomic Mutante

Oveja Negra
Cría Cuervos / Cria Corvos