Paula Andrade
Pleased to meet you! I am a comic book author, writer and illustrator that loves to generate new content and cast a little bit of magic in all the projects I work in. Telling stories, both through words and visually, is my passion. I also love giving workshops, sharing live sessions and generally just spreading the joy of telling stories and creating new worlds everywhere I go.
My favourite themes involve mythology, dark fantasy and sensuality.
I believe art always tells a story, and that it has a very loud voice.

On a more concrete note, my books include Cría Cuervos, Rakas, Oveja Negra, Mythos, Pornipulpis and Amsterdam, among others. My illustrations can be found in books such as Frank Miller's Xerxes #1, and many indie publications, while my art has been showcased in Amsterdam and Helsinki, I have also given workshops all over Argentina both in person and online, and did live sessions for Clip Studio and Wacom, among others.
On my spare time, I handle Gutter Glitter, a Buenos Aires-based small press publishing house.